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"Ft. Mantanzas Park"
16x12, Oil on Canvas

"Prickly Pear Cactus"
10x8, Oil on Canvas

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Kathleen Chenet
Longwood, FL

"Painting is a way of life. To capture what we see sometimes without noticing, is a constant challenge."


"Fort Matanzas Park"
20x12, Oil on Canvas

"Picket Fence"
7x5, Oil on Canvas

"Fishing at Marineland"
10x8, Oil on Canvas


Kathleen is a native Floridian, and attended Florida State University where she earned a BA and MA in art and design. Her first artistic interest was as a fiber artist, creating weavings with yarns dyed with native plants. After teaching for several years, she began oil painting with a passion - a passion that has not waned. This has led to a fulfilling and enjoyable career as a full time artist.

  • Upcoming 2010 Two Person Exhibit, Seminole Community College Art Gallery
  • Comma Gallery Citrus Exhibit 2009
  • Winter Park Paint Out 2009
  • Artist of the Month, Orlando Museum of Art 2008
  • Tallahassee Chain of Parks Art Festival Award of Excellence 2007




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