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"Fire Side Chat"
8x10, Oil on Canvas

"Through the Palms"
8x10, Oil on Canvas

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Margé Drew
Ormond Beach, FL

"All sense of time is suspended while I am painting. Changing light and moods fascinate and challenge me. My heart fills with joy when I express with paint what I feel and what I see. My hope is that the very quiet softness that I feel whenever I am painting will bathe the viewer in its calming voice"


"Sunday Night Delight"
14x11, Oil on Canvas

14x11, Oil on Canvas

"Looking to the South"
12x9, Oil on Canvas

"Morning Palms"
5x7, Oil on Canvas

"Retired for a Slice of Life"
16x13, Oil on Canvas

"Child's Play"
14x11, Oil on Canvas


Marge Drew honors graduate- Eastern Michigan University & Monroe County Community College-Michigan.

The Mobile Museum of Art; Big Sur River Inn Resorts; Angelicia Nurseries, Inc. Juried exhibitions include: The Toledo Museum of Art; Hillcrest Art Center's International Show; Santa Maria Museum Art Center; The American Impressionists Society 7th Annual Juried Exhibition; Gateway Center for the Arts.

Published cover: On Chynoweth Avenue; Ormond Magazine; Amistad - international; SEE St. Augustine (summer 2008 & summer 2009); In-Room Concierge, Daytona Beach +8 pages art.

Studied with Ted Vassar; Robert Burridge; Art Renshaw; Larry Morace; and Larry Moore.; affiliated or exhibited with: American Impressionists Society; National Museum of Women in the Arts (FL Committee-Central East & Central Regional); California Watercolor Association; Plein Air Florida; Island Fine Art Gallery; & East Coast Plein Air.




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