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"Genung's Canoe Rest"
12x12, Oil on Canvas

"Nature's Colors"
14x11, Oil on Canvas

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2008 Artwork

Elisabeth Ferber
Orlando, FL

"There are many beautiful natural places in Florida and I am enjoying the process of discovering these areas and capturing my impressions on canvas. Painting with other artists has introduced me to areas totally unheard of and I have developed a whole new appreciation for the beauty of the state. "


"Ft. Matanzas"
24x8, Oil on Panel

"Naked Man's Island"
12x9, Oil on Canvas

10x8, Oil on Canvas

"Over the Dunes"
10x8, Oil on Canvas

"Ibis Gathering"
8x10, Oil on Canvas

"Knarly Tree"
12x12, Oil on Canvas


Elisabeth began painting in 1998 after taking a class on a whim. She was always creative in other means; macrame, pottery, cross-stitch, knitting..you name it...but always harbored a secret desire to learn to paint. Within 6 months, she began taking serious classical art classes and shortly thereafter began painting en plein air. Painting is a continuous learning process and Elisabeth still takes workshops in addition to teaching others the art of painting.

  • Liliedahl Certified Art Instructor since Jan. 2009 - www.lilipubs.com
  • In Book - "Along the Wekiva" by Jim Robison coming out in Oct 2009
  • In Book - "Best of America - Oil Artists II" by Kennedy Publishing, Fall 2009




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