2008 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artist


San Sebastian River
14x20 Pastel

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Christophe Cardot
Edgewater, Florida


Christophe Cardot, a native of France, is primarily a self taught artist. His work is often inspired by the French impressionists and the pointillists. He works primarily with pastels and continues to refine his technique. He realized that he had found his spiritual home in Florida when he honeymooned in Key West. This award winning artist resides in Edgewater, FL with his wife and his two daughters. He loves working in plein air; capturing the hidden colors in nature as they are revealed by changing light. Recently he produced a poster for "Absente " liquor.

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Other Art from the 2008 Paint Out
Oyster Creek
16x20 Acrylic on Linen

Fort Mantanzas
6x9 Oil Pastel


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