2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Summer Between 2nd and 3rd
16x20 Oil on Canvas

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Sally Cummings Shisler
Orlando, Florida


While enchanted by so much that I look at (not always a
convenient thing) it's the outdoors that I gravitate towards most. It isn't just the beauty, it's also the process of painting on site.

I love the urgency to stick with the constantly shifting light. I love the challenge of the perfect easel setup. I love the demanding sensory input, including and especially the smells. I love the curious passersby. And at the end of the day, I love knowing that tomorrow I'll start fresh. Moving on, doing the
next right thing.

This approach, commonly known as "alla prima" keeps me from a bad habit of overworking. It's all incredibly exhilarating and adventurous!

Where She Lives
8x12 Oil on Canvas

Moonrise on Mint
12x12 Oil on Canvas

A Fancy Few
12x16 Oil on Canvas


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