2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Disappearing View
9x12 Oil on Canvas

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Valarie Pothier-Forrester
St. Augustine, Florida

Two years ago I dusted off my French easel and joined the Crescent Beach Paint Out to revisit my passion for painting Plein Air. 20 years is a long time to allow a skill to remain dormant, but I got distracted teaching middle school art in the public schools. Now, after professional development, practicing every chance I could and participating in a number of paint out experiences, I've had my third year of painting for Island Fine Art. This year was definitely my personal best. To be among the caliber of artists working this year was both inspirational and uplifting.

Florida is changing. I feel that painting the disappearing environment around me is just one way I can participate in saving it from extinction. Our wetlands and rivers and oceans are threatened everyday in many ways. I want to capture it while it remains natural. Painting plein air is a unique experience, whole and clean.

I feel honored to have been a part of the Island Fine Art experience at Crescent Beach this year.

Cowboy Palms
8x10 Oil on Canvas

Anastastia Marsh
5x7 Oil on Canvas

Porch View
8x10 Oil on Canvas
Butler Beach
11x14 Oil on Canvas

Anchored at Anastasia
11x14 Oil on Canvas


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