2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Anastasia State Park #2
11x14 Oil on Canvas

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Jill Cerulli
St. Augustine, Florida


"Plein Air Painting fills my need to commune with nature in a
very intimate way. I look very closely at my surroundings and
am always aware of the position of the sun. I take note of the
wind. I take time to study what I'm about to paint and do the
best I can to capture nature in that short span of time that will
never be here again."

Jill Cerulli, born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, started painting while living in a small town in Wisconsin in 1980. She moved to Minnesota in 1981 and continued her painting while attending classes for many years at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. In 1993, she moved to Jacksonville, FL participating in various art classes and shows. She has been selected for many juried art shows at the St. Augustine Art Association and has won several awards for her work over the years.

Jill served on the Board of Directors for the St. Augustine Art Association for 3 years and was the Docent Coordinator for 7 years. She is a current member of the Plein Air Artists of St. Augustine.


Crescent Beach #1
5x7 Oil on Canvas

Anastasia State Park #1
5x7 Oil on Canvas

Crecent Beach #2
11x14 Oil on Canvas

Salt Run
16x20 Oil on Canvas


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