2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Washington Oaks Path
9x12 Oil on Canvas

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Brenda Hofreiter
Winter Park, Florida


For me, painting directly from nature and observing the effects of light, weather and season on the landscape allows constantly changing possibilities for artistic expression. My intention is to present to the viewer an authentic sense of place and the sensual experiences encountered during the creation of the piece. My paintings have allowed me an intimate connection to this time and to these vanishing places. It is my hope that they also share the beauty, peace and serenity I have found out in the natural world.

Mantanzas River Marsh
12x16 Oil on Canvas

Shore Drive Palms
9x12 Oil on Canvas

Anastasia Island Marsh
12x16 Oil on Canvas
Matanzas Dunes
12x16 Oil on Canvas

Afternoon Light
9x12 Oil on Canvas


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