2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Two Paths
11x14 Oil on Canvas

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Steve Andrews
Tallahassee, Florida


I have painted professionally for more than ten years. I started painting plein air just to do something different from studio work. I quickly fell in love with the process.

Painting outdoors is not easy. You do not have the controlled environment and lighting of a studio. You must learn to deal with wind, rain, bugs and people. But the benefit of being there, seeing in person, and feeling the scene can not be duplicated with a photograph.

Growing up in Florida I love and appreciate beauty and fragility of this landscape. I hope to communicate some of that love through my work.

Red Roof
8x10 Oil on Canvas

S.P. Interior
24x30 Oil on Canvas

Anastasia Park
6x8 Oil on Canvas

6x8 Oil on Canvas

Marsh View
8x10 Oil on Canvas

Hot Road
11x14 Oil on Canvas

Morning Walk
6x8 Oil on Canvas


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