2007 Crescent Beach Paint Out


Artists at Work & Play
(Click on any image to see a larger version)

Christophe Cardot (love the hat!) at work on "Contemplation", 12 x 20 Oil Pastel


Martha Lent preparing mixed media surfaces before painting - "A Moment in Time", 12x12 Oil on Panel


Rico Machino puts finishing touches on "Mantanzas Inlet", 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas


Toni DeWitt at work on her Tidal References series - "Tidal References #1", 20 x34 Mixed Media Pastel


Unlike Joni Mitchell, Elisabeth Ferber really does know clouds - "Matanzas River", 12 x 24 Oil on Canvas


Frances Lynn captures the beauty of "The Orange Road", 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas


A few more artists in thier "natural habitat"

Valarie Pothier-Forrester

Charles Shaefer

Sally Evans


Relaxing After a Long Hot Day!

Karlene McConnell and Cristophe Cardot take a well deserved break

A few snacks before pizza at the
Artists Social

Marge Drew, Carol Thornton, Marilyn Masters and Kay Botet dining at
Saltwater Cowboys


Our Moonlight Preview Party

Brenda Hofreiter, Martha Lent &
Marge Drew

Larry Moore, Marilyn Masters &
Steve Andrews

Frances Lynn, Charles Schaefer &
Brenda Hofreiter

Sally Evans, Hal Stringer &
Valarie Pothier-Forrester

Talk about a line up!

Jill Cerulli, Marilyn Masters & Friends

Cynthia Edmonds & Brenda Hofreiter

Martha Lent & Carolyn Goddard

Larry Moore, Cynthia Edmonds &
Steve Andrews

Charles Schaefer, Frances Lynn & Grayson Conroy

Island Dudes in Island Duds

Tom Sadler, Sally Evans &
Brenda Hofreiter
Tom Sadler, Cynthia Edmonds & Grayson Conroy
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