2006 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Butler Beach Dunes
11x14 Oil on Canvas


Frances Lynn
West Palm Beach, Florida


To paint en plein air is what I most love to do. The colors of nature and the light of the open air inspire me, and I feel so very lucky to be part of it. I came to the realization later in life that I am an artist, so I feel I must make up for lost time, and I paint almost every day. When weather permits, I paint outdoors, otherwise I'm in the studio working from sketches and photographs. Oils seem to suit me best, and I regularly study in workshop settings with plein air masters such as Leonard Wren and Kim English.

I grew up in West Palm Beach and vividly remember my family's travels thoughout Florida long before DisneyWorld and I-95. While the landscape has changed, the atmosphere is very much the same, rendering clear light and intense color. I'm a wanderer by nature and enjoy the adventure of going places I've never been, but the imminently paintable beauty of Florida continues to draw me back.

Other Work From the 2006 Paint Out
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Dolphin Way Dock
12x16 Oil on Canvas

St. Augustine Lighthouse
8x10 Oil on Canvas


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