2006 Crescent Beach Paint Out Artists


Matanzas River Moonlight
12x16 Oil on Panel

Tom Sadler
Orlando, Florida


I observe with the intention of capturing the essence of the landscape location where I've found something that was of particular interest. At times it might be more about how the light plays on the subject. Or at other times in could be the atmosphere or the color that is interesting enough to paint about. To successfully communicate I feel like the canvas must have a sense of "coming to life" and in this way take on a life of it's own.

Other Work From the 2006 Paint Out
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Matanzas Palm
8x6 Oil on Canvas.jpg


Washington Oaks Sunset
16x20 Oil on Canvas



Matanzas Waterway
12x16 Oil on Panel


Matanzas River Palms
14x18 Oil on Panel

Palms on the Mantanzas River
14x18 Oil on Panel


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